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Statistics College Homework Help

Statistical methods imply the study, collection and presentation of numerical data for a specific purpose and goal. This numerical data is predominantly used for research. Statistical methods can be broadly classified into five groups and they are as follows:

  1. Analytical
  2. Applied
  3. Descriptive
  4. Inductive and
  5. Inferential

How Do Statistical Methods Work

The functions of statistical methods are:

  1. These methods help to present facts in the correct manner
  2. They make complex data simple so that we can understand them better
  3. The methods help to group data into various categories
  4. These methods help you find the correct techniques for comparison of data
  5. The methods broaden individual experiences
  6. They can be used for measuring the levels of uncertainty
  7. They can be used for the sake of hypothesis
  8. These methods help to draw valuable conclusions
  9. They help to measure behavioral trends
  10. They can be used to analyze relationships in different situations and phenomena

What are the Cons Of Statistical Methods?

Statistical Methods have a number of limitations that have been outlined below:

  1. These methods do not study individual behavior
  2. There are no exact laws pertaining to statistical data
  3. You cannot get the complete picture with statistical data
  4. Statistical data always has a specific goal and you cannot apply it generally to everything
  5. Statistical methods can never study or compare quality